At an attractive location, along the left bank of the Sava River, below Branko’s Bridge, it is planned to build a new office space called HAB. The existing, neglected and abandoned garage of the former Federal Executive Council should become a modernly organized business-cultural center with a whole new concept of organizing and renting office space. The interior design was done in cooperation with the Goblen studio and was treated in the “industrial style” as a memory and memory of the previous function of this space, and at the same time the spirit of the place has received a very attractive and contemporary expression.

The focus of the new innovative concept is on renting a “workplace” and all the accompanying facilities necessary for its normal and harmonious functioning are common and set up in the immediate community of workplaces, such as: meeting rooms and conferences, rest and chat rooms , telephone booths and more. The total projected area of ​​the office space is 3.000,00 m2.

The project envisages three separate functional groups of space:

  1. Coworking
  2. Event Center i
  3. Restaurant with garden

These spaces have their own separate entrances, but at the same time have an internal warm connection, so that they can be used as a connected unique spatial unit, and according to future needs of the users, can be periodically separated and function independently.

Coworking is organized around a workplace community with all the necessary supporting amenities. The Event Center has two separate universal halls, which, when needed, can be combined by removing the movable barrier into a single unit to organize larger performances, lectures and promotions. During the day, it is possible to organize some additional, recreational and sports activities in these halls. The restaurant with the garden is directly connected with the previous two units, but has the ability to be separated and fully separated when needed. The large storey height made it possible to form a gallery and increase the usable space of the existing space.